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Are You interested in Japan? language? Culture? Food? TEACHER EXCHANGES? BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? RUGBY EXCHANGES?

Our relationship with Minoh-city is a very strong one that is over 20 years old, and we’ve heard from so many of you that we’d all like to enhance our connection even further! 

Are you someone with an interest in Japan? Are you Japanese?
Do you have a connection with Minoh and all things Japanese? 
Have you lived in Japan? Have you taught English in Japan? Are you a JET alumni? Have you played rugby in Japan? Can you speak Japanese (even a little bit)?
Are you wanting to go on the JET program in the future and are from the Hutt?
Then we are looking for you to be a part of our future Hutt Minoh whanau.

This can be through more people-to-people exchanges, exhibitions, festivals, movie nights, dinners, skype sessions as well as business opportunities i.e. craft beer industries, food & culinary skills; sport i.e.martial arts, rugby; education, tertiary, PTE;  language, arts and culture; and other community projects and activities i.e. sustainability, social enterprise.  

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Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Club

Learn and take part in the fine art of Japanese tea ceremonies.

The Tea Ceremony Club is based at Hutt Minoh Friendship House and practises on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. The Club gives numerous demonstrations of the tea ceremony around the region. Performances include demonstrations at the Wellington Travel Expo, Japan Festivals, Lions Club and Pataka Museum. It is a chance for members of the public to see a traditional tea ceremony with the ladies dressed in their full kimono, an event which is very rare outside of Japan. They can be found on Facebook.


We share friendship with our counterparts in the Minoh-Hutt Friendship Club in Minoh City.

You are most welcome to come to the monthly Skype sessions with Minoh’s Hutt Friendship Club members on the second Saturday of each month from 2pm till 3pm at the War Memorial Library public Skype window.  This is an opportunity for our friends in Minoh to practice their English. Find out more on what topic will be discussed each month.