箕面市は、比較的郊外に位置します。 市民は130000人です。 大阪の中心部から約15km北に位置します。(箕面市 Minoo-shi) is a suburban city of 130,000 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, about 15 km north of Osaka city centre. 

Its name is commonly romanised as "Minō" or "Minoo", however Minoh is now officially used as it's English spelling.



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Visitors to Minoh is best known for Meiji no Mori Minō Quasi-National Park, one of Japan's oldest national parks and the popular waterfall. The 1200 year old Buddhist temple Katsuō-ji, famous for its huge collection of Daruma dolls is located here.



Learn a bit of Japanese and talk to our friends in Minoh every afternoon and evening at the War Memorial Library using the permanent 'live link' connection on the top floor that connects to the Minoh Multicultural Centre. Join a monthly organised conversation session too.



Students at Tui Glen School talk to Saito No Ora Gakuen every day with their permanent Skype connection and Epuni School connect regularly with Todoromi No Mori Gakuen.

Hutt Valley High School, Wainuiomata High School and St Bernards College groups regularly travel to Minoh and Japan.



Minoh City official website in Japanese and English

Minoh Association for Global Awareness in Japanese and English

Minoh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japanese

Minoh Rotary Club and Hutt Valley Rotary 



The city’s mascot is a Samurai with a tender heart called “Takinomichi Yuzuru”. He goes everywhere in Japan to promote Yuzu and the Minoh city.

In Todoromi that is located in the north of Minoh, the scenery of traditional farm village is remained by local people. The specialties of Todoromi where the fresh air and the clean water exist are loquats, Sansyou (Japanese pepper) and Kikusumi (charcoal with shape of chrysanthemum), but now “Misyou Yuzu” (citrons raised from seed) is getting popular. Generally the citron is raised by grafting, but in Minoh it is raised from seed spending from 15 to 18 years with great care. It takes much time to grow up, however, its tree becomes stronger and its fruit becomes bigger and smell better than them by grafting. This rare citron raised from seed is served in high-class Japanese restaurant and used in various sweets and foods such as jams, marmalades, cookies, ponzu (sauce containing soy sauce and vinegar or citrus juice), beer and noodles. 


Minoh Waterfall - image credit: www.osaka-info.jp

Minoh Waterfall - image credit: www.osaka-info.jp

Minoh landscape

Minoh landscape

Minoh's mascot: Yuzuru

Minoh's mascot: Yuzuru