The Trust

The Hutt Minoh House Friendship Trust was established AS a CHARITY to develop and provide Japanese education and cultural awareness.

The Trust also supports programmes and activities that will benefit and contribute to growing good relationships between the people of Lower Hutt and its sister city Minoh City as well as other nearby Japan / New Zealand relationships.

The Trust has in the past supported sports groups, schools, Japanese interest groups and events organised across the Wellington Region.

A couple of years ago the Trust reformed and moved away from representation from several neighbouring cities to focus on the Trust's namesake's relationship: Lower Hutt - Minoh.

Unfortunately, the board no longer gives funding grants for projects outside of the Lower Hutt area and has shifted its focus to boosting local events and projects to promote Japanese culture and the Lower Hutt / Minoh sister city relationship.

Hutt Minoh House Friendship Trust was registered with Charities Services New Zealand in 2008.


A board of trustees oversees the Trust's activities and has representation across sectors in Lower Hutt, chaired by the Mayor of Lower Hutt. Trustees are:

  • Ray WALLACE, Lower Hutt Mayor

  • Tetsuro KURATA, Minoh City Mayor

  • Akinori NISHIOKA, MAFGA President, Minoh City

  • Sarah KNOWLES, Education, Lower Hutt

  • Tony McCOMBS, Business, Lower Hutt

  • Sue LYTOLLIS, Sports/Cultural, Lower Hutt

  • Dr. Shinnouske TAKAHASHI, Victoria University of Wellington

  • Mark TE ONE, Wellington Tenths Trust

  • Ted CLAY, Lower Hutt


The Trust contracts Amber Walters to manage the Trust's major projects and the development of a new Hutt Minoh Association.


Contact the Trust

For all governance enquiries please get in touch with the Trust Secretary and see our contact us page for all other events, activities, house  and venue bookings.