Hutt art on it's way to Minoh

Minoh and Lower Hutt are to exchange artworks for reciprocal exhibitions in each city this year and next.

This followed an introduction when Minoh Art Association President and fellow members were in Lower Hutt in February 2015 to celebrate the 20 year sister city relationship between the two cities.

It was agreed to exchange 25 artworks between the two creative organisations to grow further exchange between Lower Hutt and Minoh.

Final steps were made in March to complete the collection of 25 artworks donated by Hutt Art Centre members to be sent to Minoh City, Japan.  David Balm and Iris Kauffeld, Gallery Manager; photographed above, catalogued and packed the artworks for transportation in time for the 60th anniversary celebrations of Minoh City in June 2016.

The Hutt Minoh Friendship Trust supported the project with a grant to help transport the artworks to Japan.

The catalogue of works will be available shortly to be viewed at Hutt Art Centre.

The Minoh Art Association are planning to send a reciprocal exhibition to Lower Hutt to be shown at the Hutt Art Centre in April 2017.